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About Us

Airway Management Education Center (AMEC) is a privately held medical education company founded by Ron M. Walls, MD, Michael F. Murphy, MD, Robert C. Luten, MD and Robert Schneider, MD in 1998. AMEC’s mission is to save lives by improving patient airway management through education.

The Difficult Airway Course™ is AMEC’s internationally renowned CME program, under the leadership of Calvin Brown III MD, Adam Law MD, Jarrod Mosier MD, Darren Braude MD, Leslie Simon MD and David Caro MD.  AMEC also offers two on-line programs (AMEC eLearning and Airway Manager: Emergency), free webinars and podcasts under the Airway World® brand, and valuable bedside tools - The Difficult Airway App and The Airway Card.

If you have any questions, please contact us at orders@theairwaysite.com or (336) 293-8068.